Dear All

Our Annual Cramond Primary School ‘Summer Fun Fair’ is on Saturday 12th May, 12 – 2pm  (See attached poster). We’re all getting involved in this one in order to make the day a success…. CPSC, parents/carers, staff and pupils.

There are many ways you can get involved and help out should you wish to:

Class Reps for your year groups are responsible for organising & running their own events supported by CPSC & School. You will hear more from your Class Reps in due course via your respective Facebook Pages and email contact from them. Please bear with us. They will be in touch soon

If you’d like to be involved more in preparations and/or on the day, your Class Reps are your first port of call.

If you spot a specific event you think you can offer help with or equipment for,  please get in touch with

More information will filter out nearer the event day & of course we’ll be assessing the weather in the days running up to the Fair.

Twitter will be updated regularly, as will Facebook ( F/CramondParentStaffCouncil ) and we will do our level best to keep the Groupcall updates to a minimum. That said – our second Groupcall will be out shortly today to let you know how you can donate or help us out in other ways.

We are currently looking for parental help with our School Website. In meantime we will endeavour to update info onto website as well.

We held a CPSC meeting on Monday night & the feedback on our ‘Summer Fun Fair’ plan was very positive. Thank you everyone who made it & for your feedback.

So – Please get involved any way you can.

Please make suggestions to support & simplify where possible.

Please do a ‘Sunshine Dance’ everyday between now & the Fair. 🌞

Most of all……………..

Please come along on the big day and have some fun.

Many thanks from us,

Cramond Parent & Staff Council (CPSC)