Basketball winners for Lothians and Borders!

On Tuesday the 2nd of May the Cramond basketball team and their team of supporters (parents and pupils) travelled to the Oriam at Heriot Watt university to play what would be a thrilling tournament of basketball.

Celina Davies, the coach a.k.a Wesley’s mum led a team consisting of, Ben.S, Bodie.S, Wesley.D, Hugo.A, Jamie.M, Aidan.E, Lewis.J, Esther.C, Iona.W and Alice.O to victory while supporters from the basketball club cheered them on. The supporters were, Douglas.B, Luca.C, Jamie.E, Ansel.L, Thomas.C, Sophie.G, Sophie.S, Scarlet.D, Conor.B, Josh.F, Carla.G, Niamh.C.W and of course Mrs Tekkatte. The pupils were supported by their parents as well.
Cramond’s first game was against Peel Primary from Westlothian who despite having some talented individuals Cramond beat 14-10. (Of to a good start!)  Cramond then continued their good run by winning 34-2 against Danderhall from Midlothian. The next game was against a good side, Law Primary school (The reigning Champions) who Cramond beat 10-4 by marking their best players. Kingsland was their next challenge but they didn’t have any girls on the court which was breaking the rules but the Cramond girls shone through to win 17-12. That was the end of the groups and we qualified for the semifinals and now it was lunch and a practise before resuming.
Our semifinal game was against Livingston Village Primary School which was a rough game with lots of fouls but Cramond won 9-4  and in the other semifinal James Gilespies, the other Edinburgh team, got knocked out easily by Law. Now it was the final against Law but Cramond got off to a bad start and were 6-0 down so some subs were made just before half time. Eventually Cramond scored much to their supporters delight and then they got another one. The fans were now chanting and when Cramond attacked Law gave away two shooting fouls to take it to 6-6 and Cramond were looking the better side. Then some more baskets were scored and it became 10-8 to Cramond with not very long left, but when Law came forward a foul was given away and it became 10-9 with 9 seconds left and Law had had the ball. When Law had the ball they took a shot and it went right over the basket and into a girls hands but Jamie knocked it from her hand and it got hit up the court. The buzzer went. Victory!! Our supporters came surging onto the court and it was job well done for Cramond Primary school, the best school basket ball team in the Lothians, the Borders and Edinburgh.
By Ben S.