Cramond Gardeners Needed

Cramond Parent & Staff Council 

Who:           Fellow gardeners, grandparents, parents, guardians, neighbours and children

What:          We are having a gardening afternoon.

Please help us transform our Nursery Garden, at Cramond Primary School

When:                   Sunday afternoon, 13th November, 1pm – 3.30pm

Where:        Upper Nursery Garden to rear of School

Why:           The garden has become somewhat overgrown and we need help to prep and form it into a beautiful garden ready for next Spring, to make it more manageable for our children to use.

If you would like to help and are happy to spare some of your afternoon, please get in touch. Many hands make light work. Bring a flask of coffee and we’ll provide home baking.

In order that we manage things as best as we can, we are looking to allocate names to jobs before we start. It would be of huge help if you would drop us an email if you can join us. Please mention any preferred option of job you would like to volunteer for.

Please contact:

Lighter jobs (for Adults and Children):           

8 willow weavers                        Weaving willow back into the hedge (we have gloves)

3 ivy clearers                              Cutters, loppers and secateurs required

3 veg clearers / weeders              We have trowels, garden forks and spades.

Heavier jobs (for Adults):                           

15 Willow cutters / carriers          Cutting and trimming Willow hedge. Sorting/moving willow.

4 clearers / weeders                   Clearing overgrown weeds and grasses. Loppers required.

We do have a supply of gardening equipment at school however please feel free to bring your own, particularly anything that will cut willow and ivy.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer to keep on top of our CPSC gardens.