Please Donate Old Dressing Up Clothes.

The children in early level, from our 3 year olds to our Primary 1 children (and sometimes our older children as well) love to dress up! The wealth of imaginative play that happens is amazing and a joy to watch! Language is developed, concepts learned, social skills are built upon and situations are practised out as our little learners make sense of the world around them.

You may have noticed from an earlier nursery post that we recently purchased a ‘drama centre’ to allow the children more scope to enjoy imaginative play as this forms a vital role of their education in early level. We have a lot of dressing up clothes in nursery, some of which have seen better days.

We kindly ask families and friends who may have dressing up items at home that they no longer use to give them a new lease of life by donating them to school, where they can be loved all over again!

Any donations will be more than gratefully received by any member of the nursery team. We will also leave a large box at the school foyer in the hope that we can fill it and get ready to play!

Many thanks for your continued support and involvement.

Remember, parent helpers are always welcome, we may even be able to dig out a few larger dressing up items! dressing-up-box-300x200