East Links Trip for P1-3 Information for Parents.

Some points to consider.

East Links is at …//

Travel Safety – it’s always good to recap and make sure we have appropriate safety belts in place on the coach (I have checked and we do) and child seats in our cars are appropriate to the children using them.

Getting Lost at East Links – There is no intercom system if you become split from the group or need to contact the group leader for any reason whatsoever please go to reception where they will call my mobile phone and I will come to meet you.

Sun Safety – We know you will have applied sun screen and appropriate clothing before leaving home, however, we will carry extra sun cream and sun hats in case of emergencies. Let’s hope the sun shines for us!

Allergies/Medication – We have a note of children who have allergies or medical needs and will ensure we have our red Cramond rucksacks containing medication etc. with us. If you do have a graze or bump we are here to help and have first aid kits with us.

Touching animals – there is information about hand washing and hand washing stations are provided at the park. We have also checked the information on the park’s own risk assessments and will follow all guidelines carefully.

Rough layout of the day is as follows:

9:00  register in classes and ensure all children and adults accompanying the trip are familiar with the risk assessments and safety precautions for the day.

make sure children have high visability tabbards in P1 and P2 and blue baseball caps in P3

leave school on the bus, (each bus has a register which will be called before leving school and before leaving to come home again).


All children have been split into groups of 10 with an accompanying adult (thank you to the parent helpers who volunteered to help with this). The children will move around the activities in the park with their adult as space and their choice dictates.

I will be a floating member of staff to ensure that any concerns on the day are dealt with promplty.



Our lunch slots have an allocated space, which will be shared before leaving school. Please remember your packed lunch.


Gather at the meeting point beside the buses where a register will be taken before embarking on our homeward journey.

have a great day


Gillian Waddell

Depute Headteacher

Cramond Primary School

0131 312 6450