Forest rucksack!

The Forestry Commission wanted to help children and families get back to nature, we have been kindly given 2 Forest Family Bags for our families at Cramond to use outwith nursery.

Research has shown that play and learning in woodland and green spaces leads to a range of benefits for children’s development, including better concentration, better communication skills, greater stamina, improved balance and coordination, increased confidence, and an appreciation and understanding of the outdoors.

The backpack is packed with advice and information for children and their families to use in a local green space. The idea of the backpack is to equip children with the right tools for safe, enjoyable outdoor play. Items provided in the bags include tarpaulin, pegs and a sitting mat, as well as materials to help children explore using their senses and imagination through a range of fun activities. There are activity sheets to complete, binoculars, magnifying bug viewer, a story book with well-loved forest tales, and even a finger puppet.

The backpacks will be offered to take home for a one week period for each family. Feedback on backpacks is welcome and evaluation sheets are included.

See Miss Patrick if you are interested in using our Forest family backpacks.