Garden Fairies.

It would appear we have a group of garden fairies here at Cramond Nursery. I’m told they are a very friendly breed and if you are very quiet and approach them slowly, they will communicate with nursery grown ups (staff and families alike).

The garden fairies will be taking on small projects throught the year in our outdoor learning spaces to improve and build on the provision we have for outdoor play. This can range from painting a race track for the bikes and scooters, complete with zebra crossing for practising road safety skills to setting up small world areas to stimulate play. There are so many possibilities and the opportunity to join in the fun and watch the delight on the children’s faces is really exciting.

We are hoping that this could also be another way to involve parents who may not wish to, or be able to come into the nursery in the school day. Garden fairies keep their own hours and do what they can when they can, and only if they want to!

If you want to be part of the magic, then please contact any one of the nursery reps. You can find their contact details on the nursery notice board.