Head teacher Update 2 Oct 2018

Headteacher Update- October 2nd 2018

Good morning parents, carers & staff.

Parents Nights are next week:

PLEASE book your appointment for either 10th or 11th October parent nights. Contact Mrs Fortune in the school office if you have any problems. Carol.fortune@cramond.edin.sch.uk

Appointments are in the SPORTSHALL – please enjoy the opportunity to also see work in children’s classrooms. Mrs Ashbrook, Mrs King & I will be available if you need to catch us. We will base ourselves in the foyer or HWB room and are happy to answer questions, hear suggestions or help.

On parents night we are offering a supervised, drop off space for children while you meet the teacher(s). The HWB room is first room in our P2 corridor. Mrs McKay and I will be showing cartoons, have drawing and some games. Kids can bring an activity from home if they prefer. Pupils must be dropped off and collected by an adult.


Head lice – this is the perfect time for a pesky pests outbreak. I believe the weather also has created perfect conditions for an outbreak. Please regularly (weekly) check the family heads using comb and conditioner method. It is a collective responsibility to avoid passing on the pesky pests! https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/head-lice-and-nits/


Bike and scooter safety

NO cycling or scooting on school grounds please.

Please dismount at the school gates and walk.

Care and attention is needed by cyclists as they exit the school gates into pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Pupils are being reminded by our Junior Road Safety Officers and community police of need for safe and considerate behaviour by cyclists and scooters. We have had a number of near misses. The pavements are congested. Take care! Thank you.


School Attendance – please be aware that I am required to proactively manage pupil attendance. Long term affects of low school attendance are known. Please avoid holidays or absences in term time. Let us know a reason for your child’s absence. All absences are recorded and tracked. We will be contacting parents directly where timekeeping or attendance is becoming a concern.

Below 90% is a trigger and falling below 85% will require a conversation or meeting.

I attach guidance we receive from the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) on the impact of missed days at school. Absence also affects attainment of others in class as the teacher has to help an individual catch up.

Absence due to illness is unavoidable. We do urge parents to follow the 48 hour absence after sickness or stomach upset and this can explain some higher absence levels. One off or specific reason is understandable – we do have families/children who have a regular pattern of poor attendance or holidays in term time. We will be working with parents and partners to improve attendance. Many thanks for your support.


Parent Help – office & admin tasks. As discussed at CPSC on Thursday and coffee morning on Friday. Mrs Ashbrook and I are keen to harness parent skills, time and willingness to help.

We will share details of the coffee mornings as a cluster and/or school we are hosting for parents based on specific topics eg ASD or dyslexia support strategies.

If you have any suggestions of topics or partner agencies (We have Health and ASL ones planned) email Caroline.ashbrook@cramond.edin.sch.uk to suggest.

Mrs Ashbrook will be issuing a sign up on line soon. Two pressing tasks are ready now.

  1. A volunteer(s) to cut to size & hem curtain in nurture room
  2. A group to collate big books – counting page inserts and hole punching to create Big books of learning with ring dividers. All materials are ready in meeting room.

If you can help this week with either task please call school office or email Caroline.ashbrook@cramond.edin.sch.uk


Thank you.

Have a great week.

Mrs Donaldson

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