Headteacher weekly news – 4th May

L&T weekly 3

Learning & Teaching Weekly – Mrs Donaldson 4/5/16

Reminder: Cramond Primary School & nursery are closed tomorrow (Thursday 5th May) for staff Inset. Pupils resume on Friday 6th May.

P6 football bake sale for strips : Friday 6th May – bring some change in to buy a cake. On sale by P6 footballers after break.

Reflection on our Learning:

What a busy week or so…

  • The judo tasters were a great success. We have many talented sportsmen & women. Great enthusiasm to try something different.
  • We are starting our DAILY MILE challenge – each class taking 15 minutes every day to run/walk round the school 3 times each day. Great for brain breaks and physical fitness.
  • P4 parents nights were well attended and great feedback – thank you.
  • Our Grand PEDAL challenge was met with a superhero response. Great to see such amazing costumes plus we raised £300 for Sustran. We are a cycle friendly, bike daft school – more physical fitness points. There are going to be some great superhero pictures on the website soon.

P1 Induction visits: What a pleasure it has been to welcome so many new P1 pupils ready to start school in August. Mrs Waddell and I really enjoyed talking to them and their families. Our P6 pupils did a first class job providing tours and making their first buddy connection!

Parent Information We respectfully request that nuts and nut products are not used in school. We cannot guarantee to be a nut free school but as we do have pupils with serious allergies, we appreciate everyone being aware of whole nuts and nut products and avoiding using them in baking, snack or packed lunches for pupils.

Mural Wall repairs – unfortunately the render on our mural wall by the netball court is needing replaced. Work is planned in the coming week or so. In the meantime it has been fenced off to prevent balls/pupils bumping into it and further damage. The mural will not be replaced. We intend using it as a community ‘notice board’ about our grounds, Our Place and information about school events. More info will follow.

Gym Hall update: Work starts on our new hall on 30th May. A letter will be issued by Edinburgh council to parents and neighbours about the plans for building. We had a lengthy pre start meeting today and are making preparations for adjustments to breaks, lunchtimes and flow of pupils for duration of works. We appreciate that there will be some inconvenience but we all agree that the resulting hall will be well worth it. We are planning a grand opening after the October break 2016. We will issue further details about these school arrangements next week.

During the build: Please can we ask that nursery pupils at the end of am session and start of afternoon session do not access using Cramond Cres where possible – instead using side gate opposite nursery door at Cramond Bank. This is due to some increase in delivery and works vehicles on Cramond Cres out with school streets times. Thank you.

Football in school : We need to manage the number of pupils wishing to play football in order that everyone has a safe and enjoyable play/lunch time, including those not playing football. Recently,so many games are taking place on the pitch that innocent bystanders are being hit by flying balls and players are being hurt with too many games taking place at once. We are introducing 4 school footballs – 1 per year group. From Monday 9th PUPILS SHOULD NOT BRING THEIR OWN FOOTBALLS to school. This includes games before school. We will provide additional play equipment. Pupils can only use school footballs to play games.I will be explaining this, as I reinforce expected behaviour in playground eg not climbing up slide, no putting stones down slide etc. Use safe play sense!

Our Place maintenance : we have some small works planned over coming weeks – details will be shared. At certain times play areas may be fenced off or unavailable for use. We ask all parents to remind pupils that they must avoid any fenced off areas.

Safety Sam will be talking to all classes prior to works starting on the gym hall to explain where the cordoned off areas are for building. The building team lead school assemblies and will issue newsletters to update us on progress. As all gym hall work is contained within the courtyard, the cordoned off areas are for works compound access. Details to follow.

Staffing Update

Regrettably Mrs King is still signed off.

We are delighted that Mrs Tekatte has secured a permanent teaching post at Cramond.

Ms O’Driscoll is returning to Ireland at the end of the session. We are sorry to say goodbye and wish her all the best. You have already heard from me, that Ms Steel is taking Early Retirement and is not returning in August. After a long service to Cramond, we wish her well. Mrs Kettles is remaining at Digital learning team and will not return. We are delighted to welcome back next session Mrs Naeem, Mrs Clark, Mrs McSparron & Ms Welsh. Mrs Naeem returns full time, the others will be reducing their week. Details of staffing & classes will be shared in June. We are expecting two newly qualified teachers next session and will have an additional two temporary positions for the session.

World of Work Week. A massive thank you to the 22 volunteers. It was such a positive experience for all in P5-P7. Everyone heard about at least 12 different occupations. We are currently putting up a big wall display of photos, reports, illustrations and quotes about what was learnt. The key element was effective questioning and often the questions went on longer than the talks! Several speakers had active learning tasks for the children or power points or tools of the trade with them for the children to examine. We also got some amazing feedback from the parents who led the workshops to tell us how much they enjoyed the experience and commenting on the effective questioning. Mrs McKay and I would like to thank all the following people:

  • Brain Williamson –C.A. group controller
  • Judith Jackson – Radiographer
  • Petra Cameron – Advertising
  • Elizabeth Robertson – Zoo Keeper
  • Judith Paterson – Physiotherapist
  • Duncan Davis – Electronic Engineer
  • Rachel Sneddon – Wedding dress shop and jewellery designer
  • Lesley Marjoribanks – Online security
  • John Graham – Police
  • Suzanne Poseley – Audit Manager
  • Bryan Little – Mechanical Engineer
  • Diane McCutcheon – G.P.
  • Richard Fyvie – Professional Golfer
  • Georgina Cameron-Gaiduschek – Writer/Artist
  • Louise Martin – Music Teacher
  • Pav Kaur – H.R. Consultant
  • Martin Stevens – Landscape Architect
  • Chris Paterson – Rugby Coach/Ambassador
  • Dr Martin Wear – Research/Drug design
  • Erica Catala – Art Teacher
  • John Purves – Electric engineering control systems
  • Neil Campbell + a group of volunteer staff who led Skills4bills workshop with both P6 classes

Dates for your diary: 23rd May – Monday Holiday

4th June 12- 2pm CPSC School Fair – RAFFLE PRIZES URGENTLY NEEDED, can your workplace donate some good prizes? Do you have any contacts?

18th June CPSC Cramond’s got talent – save the date! Details will follow