Indoor Gym Shoes – clarification

Indoor gym shoes guidance

I have been approached by various pupils and parents regarding ‘rules’ for indoor gym shoes. As explained in previous communication, the purpose is to ensure all pupils can participate in PE lessons with appropriate footwear. The new gym hall floor (and the PE activities planned) require indoor only, non-marking soled footwear. I had requested generic, low cost, thin soled plimsoles available from most supermarkets, shoe shops and department stores.

Branded footwear such as Nike, converse, vans etc cause peer pressure within pupils and associated financial pressure on families. We aim at Cramond to make the non-branded plimsoll a new trend! At £2.50 – £5 a pair they are significantly cheaper and perfectly suited to the job, than high cost branded footwear. We also know the lure of wearing designer gym shoes out of school which then renders them unsuitable for gym hall use or not in school when required. Outdoor PE will require a pair of simple trainers.

As part of our uniform policy, outdoor school shoes should be plain black and NOT trainers. Boots (again plain and dark) can be worn in winter months. We are aware again, of peer pressure between pupils to wear certain shoes. This is NOT endorsed by the school. Plain black shoes, with non-coloured laces are required, however.

Having a pair of gym shoes which can be left in school every day is the best solution and easiest for staff to manage.

We do ask for all parents support in our school shoes policy.

Thank you.

Mrs Helen Donaldson

Part 3 (added Thurs 27th Oct) Dear Parents and carers, I am aware of ongoing disquiet over gym shoes. My intention has always been to

  1. Ensure kids have indoor gym shoes, in school every day to wear at PE, assembly and in using new gym hall. These have to be left in school to use as required and solely for indoor use.
  2. Ensure that pupils also have outdoor trainers.

I wanted to make this as cost effective as I could for parents and to do what we can as a school to minimise peer pressure on wearing designer trainers. Some parents have chosen to buy Converse, Nike, Vans or similar as pupil indoor shoes. This is an expensive approach for a twice weekly PE lesson. I do not understand the fuss a request for gym shoes has caused. However, pupils can wear shoes sent in by parents as long as they have non marking soles and are reserved for indoor use. Shoes need to be in school all week, as part of their PE kit. We still have a number of pupils who do not have a PE kit in school which negatively impacts on their learning participation in Health & Wellbeing. I will be contacting parents directly where a PE kit is not provided.

If financially, there are issues with providing any uniform or accessing trips etc. I ask parents to contact me directly.

Staff will be checking all shoe soles to ensure that they are only used INDOORS. This is to protect our new gym floor and comply with school policy. External lets and events will also require indoor, non-marking soled shoes.

Apologies for yet another email regarding gym shoes as to many parents this has been a simple process.


Helen Donaldson, Head Teacher