Maths Week Scotland

Last week, 11- 15th September was the first ever Maths Week Scotland.  In P7 we celebrated by doing a lot of maths.  All day.  Every day.

We did some fabulous problem solving, entered a Sumdog competition (Jack Slaven in 7A came 4th in the country!), evaluated maths games, designed some beautiful maths art, and created maths activities which we then got to play with the P3-5s.  Some of our games were so popular that the children asked if they could keep them in their classrooms!

Here are some of the children’s reflections:

“It was AWESOME learning all the problems and trying to solve them.” Caiden and Blaire

“Durign maths weel, I loved that we made a correlation between maths, P.E. and art.  From making shapes turned at slightly different angles into beautiful art, to timing our running and using different methods to find out the average time.  It was really fun and definitely made me more interested in different areas of maths.”  Aurora

“I learned how to divide and how to use a coin card.”  Liyo

“I loved making the magic squares because it was really tricky trying to work them out but so good when you did.”  Erin