My World Outdoors


My world outdoors

The Care Inspectorate believe that early years services which encourage outdoor play are delivering better outcomes for children and know that there is significant and growing interest in how children can access the outdoors to play, learn, develop and have fun.

That is why they have produced My World Outdoors; a resource to support all early years services across the country to deliver more outdoor play to youngsters.

My World Outdoors gives examples of effective practice around the recognised wellbeing indicators, where children are safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible, and included. With creativity and effective leadership, all types of care services in every part of Scotland can use outdoor play to support each of these wellbeing indicators for children.

I thought that parents may like to have a look at this resource. Camond Nursery class plan to be using it a lot. Please click the link below to have a read.