Our NEW school Golden Values & Rules

The class reps at Cslide2ramond have been reporting back ideas to finalise our Golden School Values and our School Golden Rules.

We are keen to hear your views. Please email Mrs Donaldson your thoughts, suggestions and opinions.

Each week  on a Friday  we have a half hour reward time for sticking to the school golden rules. We have worked with our class reps to build a ‘menu’ of fun activities we may like to choose from. P1 & P2 are working together, P3-P5 and P6/P7 for Golden Time activities.


We will sign up for a 4 week block and are really keen to have parent volunteers to support activities. If you have any skills you would like to share at Golden All Star Time please get in touch. You can sign up for a 4 week block to lead an activity with a small group or just be an extra pair of hands. See class teachers directly or email school.

Poor behaviour will mean we lose golden time in 5 minute slots. This is tracked by teachers. If losing time happens regularly parents may need to be contacted. Pupils will be given a clear warning and have an opportunity to earn back some of the time during the week. 

Some pupils will require an individualised approach according to their needs. This is sensitively handled in line with our new revised school policy “Better relationships, better behaviour & better learning at Cramond.” Draft copies will be issued soon.

Staff and House Captains will be awarding Gold dust notes for pupils exemplary behaviours. Our Golden achievement bricks for our Wall of fame in foyer are still an essential part of our positive behaviour policy. Please share your child’s achievements in sports, dance, music or other by emailing helen.donaldson@cramond.edin.sch.uk.

Classes may also have group/table and whole class approaches. 

Sanctions for consistently poor behaviour choices or serious misdemeanour will be implemented fairly and based on circumstances surrounding it. Examples of possible sanctions, in partnership with parents and caters are included in new school policy. 

Mrs Donaldson is keen to offer a workshop for parents to share how we manage behaviour positively in school and to discuss how behaviour is managed at home. Details of these sessions will be shared soon. 

‘Raising children with confidence’ is an excellent 8 session course for parents which Edinburgh city council run. I can organise sessions at Cramond if there is sufficient demand. Details of other parent information classes run by council are regularly shared on the school website and we get great feedback from parents who attend. Please let your class rep know if you are interested or email the school directly. Cramond are also organising an information and workshop session on keeping your child safe in a digital world. Details will be shared soon.

Thank you for your continued support. Mrs Donaldson

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