Nursery Staff

Cramond Nursery Team:

Depute Head Teacher : Mrs Gillian Waddell

Nursery teachers :  Mrs Mary Dalziel and Miss Rheona Warrender

Early Years Officer : Mrs Fiona Mackay

Early Years Practitioners :  Ms Jenna Dann, Mrs Leanne Bain (Mon – Wed), Mrs Yvonne Black (Thurs & Friday)

Nursery Trainee : Holly Whitehead

Pupil Support Assistant: Mrs Margaret Peach

Following some changes over the holidays, we are happy to welcome Miss Laura McFarlane (EYP) and Mrs Willma Swanson (PSA) to join our team. We will add them to our team photos as soon as we are able. Welcome ladies. Mrs Black, instead of working with yellow group will now partner Mrs Bain in the purple group and Mrs McFarlane will work with the yellow group in the afternoons.