Our PLACE – Learn Outdoors

Our PLACE (Play Landscape Active Children’s Experience) is designed to promote and support individual and group play with real opportunity for mixed age/ ability / gender play. Our extensive school grounds are used out with school day by the local community and within school day for rich learning opportunities in class time. Pupils have a great many choices about the type and variety of play opportunities they participate in. Pupils with additional support needs are supported & included in Our PLACE. Pupils have opportunity to play each day, regardless of weather. Positive social skills are modelled, reinforced and learned – encouraged / supported by our committed and skilled team of Pupil Support Assistants (PSAs) along with class teachers. Split break-time reduces numbers in area.

All children are included, taught how to self regulate own play choices, develop social skills and challenge personal levels of fitness, stamina and physical ability in a supportive, inclusive, supervised way. All learners regularly discuss benefits of play, personal risk assessment and decision making along with how to play safe, play fair and play together.

At Cramond we actively value, promote & support play for all our learners and realise the importance of positive play on each child’s personal health, social and emotional well being.

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