P1 Snow Day Activities

We hope you are all wrapped up and warm during these snow days – but it’s also very important for the children to be outside playing and exploring in this amazing phenomenon created by nature! Why not bring some of their classroom learning with you with these easy, fun ideas? The Primary 1’s will love being outside in it and of course remember to keep them wrapped up!

Of course, indoors there’s lots of learning that can be done too – read a story to do with winter/snow, draw or paint a picture of a snowy scene, use ice cubes to make different numbers, or ice/snow experiments (see below for some ideas). Enjoy!

Collect sticks and make 2D shapes. Ideas here: http://creativestarlearning.co.uk/maths-outdoors/scale-and-geometric-patterns-with-sticks/
Collect sticks and make all the teen numbers up to 20. Write the number next to each collection in the snow.
Collect any items and make nature pictures outside. Let them use their creativity!
For shapes with pebbles then outline them with chalk to understand 2D shapes. Talk about how many sides and corners it has.
Try writing their tricky words in the snow with a paintbrush or stick – you can even use paint or water.
Play around with ice – leave water outside for a few hours and see how long it takes to freeze! Add food colour to the trays to make it colourful.
Use plastic washing up basins to create “bricks” and build an igloo together! P1 might need your help for this one!
How to create it here: https://artful-kids.com/blog/2011/01/05/icy-artwork/
Experiment here: https://www.sciencekiddo.com/how-arctic-animals-stay-warm/
Experiment here: https://www.playdoughtoplato.com/kids-science-experiment-hot-ice/
Simply get your paints out and create a border with sticks for them to create a “Winter Painting”
An indoor experiment exploring ice – https://www.thechaosandtheclutter.com/archives/melting-ice-experiment