P3 Bring and Buy Sale – 16th March

The children have decided that they would like to do some fundraising in order to buy more activities and furniture for their open area. They have opted to organise a Bring and Buy sale. This will take place on Friday 16th March from 9:15am.

The children can bring in anything which they would like to sell from Monday 12th March until Thursday 15th and can bring money on Friday 16th to purchase from the bring and buy sale. Pupils will be given a time to attend the Bring and Buy sale with their class.

We would be grateful for any donations of HOME BAKING !

Anything brought in for the bring and buy sale should be in good, useable condition (toys, books, home baking is fine too). Children should ask before bringing anything into school to be sold. Items will be sold at pocket money prices, please send in change rather than large notes.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Primary 3 classes and teachers