P3 Pirate School

Mrs Donaldson mentioned our wonderful Pirate School in her weekly update before the Easter break…

To finish our topic and show off the skills and talents of the P3 children, they planned and ran a pirate school for our P6 classes.

The pirate school was a great success. I was very proud of the organising and confidence of all the children.

Tasks included…

Hunting for treasure. We created a map and taught the P6 children how to use the map.

We created a pirate ship in the den building area. The ship had to include all the key features of pirate ship.

We played a game which demonstrated what the pirates would do all day aboard a ship. These included scrubbing the deck and climbing the rigging.

We practised our fighting skills. Bryn and Jude used their knowledge from fencing to demonstrate the art of sword fighting. The children also got to have a shot at target practice.

The children got to create their own ships out of craft materials. Ale and Andrew even picked a winner. Trophies where given out to the boys and girls who did a good job.

Abbie planned a fantastic lesson on how to speak pirate.

Making and tasting pirate food.

The boys and girls followed a recipe and created hardtack.


The P3 children helped the P6 children to  work out their own pirate names and then they got to make name badges.

They got to create a story starter- ‘How I became a pirate’

As well as creating weapons that pirates would use out of junk materials.


P6 gave us some wonderful feedback.

“We had fun and learned lots.”

They said that the children spoke with confidence, gave good instructions and had organised a fantastic morning of activities. The couldn’t believe that the P3 children had managed to plan so much for them to do.

My role was to take photos and check everyone was on task. The P3 children did the rest. They have become so independent this year. I am very proud of each and everyone of them.

Miss Cessford