P6S’ get inspired by Expressionism

In class this week we began our mini-project on the history of art through the 20th century.

We began by looking at Expressionism which was the art movement which ran from 1901 to 1935.

The Expressionsim art movement was inspired by artists such as Edward Munch, Paul Klee, August Macke and Franz Marc who painted about emotion. The objects and sceneries in their artwork focused on colour which symbolised various different emotions.

You may recognise this famous piece of art titles “The scream” painted by Edward Munch during the Expressionism movement.

We have been inspired by these painters to paint our own emotions and opinions.

Here are some of our paintings below, can you tell how we were feeling or what inspired us?

Please feel free to come in and explore our art gallery after school or during parents evening next week to admire our artistic creations.

Miss Sajid 🙂