P7 Term 3 Newsletter

Primary Seven Newsletter

April 2017


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Welcome back after what we hope has been an enjoyable Easter break. Exciting times are upon us as we begin our final ever term at Cramond Primary School!

P7T welcomes back Miss Reilly, who is our student teacher on placement. She will be with us for 5 weeks in total and working alongside Mrs Tekkatte in P7T from 18th April – 19th May.

Here is an overview of what we will be covering over the upcoming term.



Persuasive Writing-We will be learning about how to write an effective argument and persuasive pieces of writing.

Report Writing-Students will be involved in writing their own end of year reports. They will reflect on their own strengths, achievements and areas that they need to improve on.



This term will begin by concluding our topic on fractions, decimals and percentages. After that we will focus on data analysis, time and measuring and estimating.


Social Studies-The 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)

P7 will get the chance to do a role reversal and be teacher for a lesson. With a partner each student will have to plan and teach a lesson to a group of younger students about the meaning of the 3 R’s and how it applies to us.


Science: Energy sources and Sustainability

We will be exploring the types, sources and uses of energy and develop our understanding of how energy is transferred and conserved. We will discuss benefits and assess possible risks about each source of energy. We will also be creating our own renewable energy companies and will compete against other companies to win a lucrative business contact.

We will also be doing a topic on forces and energy. This will include a range of hands-on experiments, as well as lead into information report writing.


Business Challenge

Pupils will be splitting up into groups of 4 and creating their own company. They will be designing, making, marketing and selling a product. They will also be selling shares in the company, to then (ideally!) provide a return to their shareholders. This will require each pupil selling a maximum of 5 shares for £1 each. This will provide insight into how a company works, having defined roles which they will be responsible for and require working well with peers.



In P.E this term Mr McBride will initially be focusing on handball then athletics. Our P.E days are still the same (Wednesdays and Thursdays).


Important Dates

27th April-RHS Visit (Health and Wellbeing taster session)

1st May and 22nd May – Bank holidays – (no school!)

4th May – election day (no school!)

30th May-Sports Day

20th – 22nd June -3 day transition visit to Royal High School

26th June – P7 Big Day Out

30th June – Last day of Primary school ever! P7 Leaver’s Assembly plus P7 conga and clapped out of school.



Mr Powell P7P

Mrs Tekkatte P7T