Parent Summary Standards & Quality Report 2015-16 & Improvement Plan 2016-2017

Standards and Quality Report 2015


We have continued to raise attainment for our learners who exceed city expectations in P1, P4 & P7.
Additional standardised assessments at P3, P5 & P6 demonstrate that our learners achieve well in comparison to National Data. We have consistently high standards of attainment in literacy and maths, literacy performance is generally stronger than in numeracy. Analysis of school data shows that attainment over time is good with most individuals adding value year on year. We track all learners attainment at both individual and cohort (year group) level at biannual attainment meetings with Senior leadership team, teaching staff and Support for Learning. This informs our support strategies to enhance learning attainment and general achievement. Pupils with additional support needs have planning meetings with parents and partnership agencies to ensure needs are met. We track learners to reduce barrier to learning and ensure they are not left out. We take pride in our pastoral care at Cramond and strive to ensure all learners are Safe, Healthy, Active, Nurtured, Achieving, Respected Responsible and Included (SHANARRI). Our Learners are motivated and eager participants in their learning. Staff work collaboratively to plan along with their pupils, rich learning opportunities. Learners contribute to wider life of the school. Whole school events are designed to build ethos, share learning and develop learning across year groups. Staff match learning activities to needs of individual learning. We have developed rigorous systems to communicate needs within and out with school – maximising
available resources to support learning. We regularly review and evaluate learner’s needs as individuals and groups. Pupil support assistants are well trained and hugely supportive with class teachers to deliver high quality learning opportunities. Our curriculum is refreshed annually, shared with parents via 4 context learning plan, meet the teacher event and regular newsletters and updates on school website. Learners contribute to planning of learning and have opportunity to share views and exercise choice in elements of their learning experience. Interdisciplinary approaches and linked homelearning along with excursions/learning out with the classroom allow pupils to learn through rich and relevant contexts. Staff are committed to professional development and work collaboratively to deliver consistently high quality learning experiences for all learners. Improved transition ensures learning progresses well.


Relook at our reporting to parents in order to develop shared understanding of where learners are in relation to key milestones in both literacy & maths.

Improve attainment in maths and numeracy for all learners – challenging more able pupils whilst also supporting all learners to develop strong numeracy foundations and mathematical literacy skills.

Focus maths home learning activities & give parents / carers guidance on support or extension tasks.


At Cramond Mrs McKay, our principal teacher leads on Health & well being – sports and active schools. For session 2016/17 Mrs McKay is teaching weekly classes in Health & Wellbeing from P3-7 and guiding staff in Nursery to P2 to ensure we have a progression in HWB. Health and wellbeing is the responsibility of all staff, across learning. In 2016/17 we are building on previous excellent work at Cramond to develop physical, emotional and social wellbeing. We are focusing on improving outcomes for pupils with autism (a local authority priority) and increasing pupil/parent voice to ensure views of all are sought and listened to. Class reps are selected fortnightly to meet with Senior Leadership Team and contribute to school improvement – all pupils will have the opportunity in P3-P7 to be a class rep. House and Vice captains (elected in P7) will lead whole school improvement opportunities. Wider Achievement – in launching our new gym hall in October we are planning a focus on Healthy, Body, Healthy Mind & Healthy Respect. We have reaffirmed our school values of Excellence, Friendship &
Respect. We are rebooking at school behaviour policy – use of Golden Time and rewards/sanctions. We are developing new school Golden Rules in line with our school values. We are keen to find out about the learning our pupils do outside school and sharing the opportunities for clubs and activities in the local area to ensure all pupils have the opportunity to try new learning experiences. We will continue with our Golden achievement bricks in the foyer, develop school plasma screen and noticeboards of pupils photographs participating in hobbies. We are creating a new staff photo notice board to ensure all parents (and pupils) know who our staff team are. Our collection point for local charity Food bank is in the foyer – pupils in P3 have responsibility for this.

IMPROVEMENT PRIORITY: IMPROVING EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS In line with National priorities in Developing the Young Workforce, Digital Technology to enhance Learning and National Improvement Framework, we are focusing on increasing creativity in learning,
skills for learning, life and work. We are committed to enhance learning opportunities through digital technologies and working with partner agencies to create a strategy for digital learning across the curriculum.


We are working closely with our cluster primary schools and Royal High to build collaborative
partnerships sharing learning and excellent practice. We have planned opportunity for all staff to meet in year groups to discuss learning and teaching. We are using Edinburgh benchmarks and significant aspects of learning to plan for progression, particularly in literacy and numeracy. Staff will have the opportunity to share practice across the cluster and develop professional links with peers.

NURSERY: We continue to develop the free flow play in the playroom and enhance children’s learning by developing sustained thinking through careful adult interactions. We are thinking carefully about the resources offered to encourage open ended play and creativity. We are also restructuring the way resources are offered to allow children more self selection. In this way we hope to foster independence and creativity.The outdoor areas continue to be a work in progress and we are delighted to be able to improve our parental engagement. This is really important to us as we thrive to be family friendly. engage as many of our nursery families as possible in the life of the nursery. Please see web pages.