Primary 3MH’s Adventure to the Tall Ship

Our class were looking forward to our big day out in Glasgow. We knew we had a long day in front of us but we were excited about being Pirates! It took us a wee while to get out of Edinburgh but we soon got to Glasgow and saw the Tall Ship Glenlee.

As soon as we arrived we headed around to the Tall Ship and went aboard to have our snack – being pirates is hungry work. However, our class went to explore the Riverside Museum first. There was a really cool model of a Mini that was used as a safety test car. We watched a model of what happened when the car crashed – the air bags exploded open! Kaiden saw a train hanging over the first floor, it looked as though it might fall down on us. There were traffic lights for us to control and lots of other activities to try out.   Sorcha liked trying to put out the fires with the hose. Amelie enjoyed looking at all the beautiful dresses that were everywhere. Hannah loved looking at the wall of cars. We did a little quiz to help us find things around the Museum. There were lots of screens to look at and touch to find out more about what we could see. Alastair spotted some bikes used in the Olympics up on the ceiling. Sophia, and lots of us, enjoyed walking around the old street and going in and out of the old shops. Alina liked looking at the engine of the cars and being able to pop her head up from underneath.

It was a very quick trip around the Museum so that we could have time for our lunch. At lunchtime we headed back to the Glenlee and had lunch Tween Deck. We had to be very careful on the stairs because they were very narrow. Even though we know the pirates lived 300 years ago, we met some pirates on board after lunch. Boney Anne and Scary Mary came and taught us how to be pirates. We had to tell them our pirate names and choose whether we wanted to wear a captain’s hat or bandana. We sang pirate songs, labelled the parts of the ship, and we taught them some pirate words! Soon it was time to go on a treasure hunt around the Tall Ship to find Captain Scallywag’s treasure. We tried to pull up the anchor, but it weighed about the same as five cars. We had a nosey around the Poop Deck and into the captain’s cabin, scrubbed the decks, rang the ship’s bell, counted the masts and tried out the crew’s bunk beds for size. Autumn thought the bunks were horribly uncomfortable and Alina said they were hard and smelt horrible. We had to use the numbers from the clues to help us open the code on the padlock. Inside the treasure chest was amazing booty of crystals, tiaras, sugar, gold coins, silver and lots of necklaces. There was a certificate from Captain Scallywag to say well done for finding his treasure.

Soon it was time to leave the Tall Ship and leave the pirates behind. We were all very tired on the bus back to Cramond but had a great time on our trip.