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InspectionReport-292564 (2) Read the full report here.

Well done to the fantastic Early Years Team in Cramond Nursery.

Highlights of report:

‘Quality of care and support 5 – Very Good
Quality of environment 5 – Very Good
Quality of staffing not assessed
Quality of management and leadership not assessed
What the service does well
The experienced, qualified and reflective staff team were confident in describing the care and support needs of the children and how they met their individual developmental needs. Information contained in written observations, plans and other records confirmed this. Plans for experiences and outcomes demonstrated staffs responsiveness to individual children’s needs and supported the involvement of children in their own learning.

Children related well to staff and it was apparent that supportive and caring attachments had been formed. Staff were ambitious for children encouraging perseverance and celebrating success.
Staff’s understanding of the key documents supporting their practice, along with a wide range of training opportunities, helped them to create a calm and purposeful child centred learning environment. This, coupled with easily accessible high quality resources supported children’s play allowing them to be independent and self-directed .
Being able to move freely between the indoor and outdoor environments allowed children to be self motivated in their play and in developing decision making skills which supported their general wellbeing. The newly established ‘Butterfly garden’ provided children with a wealth of activities and experiences that offered endless possibilities through investigation of natural materials as well as loose parts play.
The service had been effective in encouraging parental involvement in the day-to-day life of the service. The benefits of this were apparent in the quality of relationships with families and in supporting children’s transitions into the nursery and on to primary school.
Children were proud of their nursery, many were eager to show us their favourite activities. They had ownership
of the nursery because it reflected their interests.
We saw clear evidence that staff understood their responsibility for meeting children’s general care and support needs. Children with additional needs were supported sensitively by staff. Staff worked closely with parents and specialist agencies to ensure that children were given and inclusive, positive and supportive pre-school experience.
The management team provided strong and ambitious leadership to the committed staff team. We saw a clear shared vision and a determination to provide care that put children at the centre which ensured their needs, choices and wishes were met. As a result we observed practice that was of a consistently high standard.’