Religious Observance Dates 2017/18

Cramond Primary is a non- denominational primary school. We celebrate diversity and learn about many different world religions. We love having friends and families of pupils in Cramond to share their culture, religon, skills and talents. We have strong links with Cramond Kirk and the minister Dr Barr joins us each term to lead a school assembly. Parents who wish to withdraw their child from these assemblies, should contact the school.

Additionally, we visit the church for school services at Harvest, Christmas and Easter. Families an friends are welcome to join us. We have a celebration end of term assembly in the Kirk in June.

Friday 25th Sept 2017 Dr Barr is leading our school assembly. 9am

Friday 13th October P1-P7 are visiting Cramond Kirk for the Harvest Service, 9.30am.

Friday 10th November Dr Barr is leading our school Remembrance assembly. 9am

Friday 22nd December Dr Barr leads our Christmas Service at Cramond Kirk. 9.30am.

Friday 2nd February Dr Barr is leading our school assembly. 9am

Thursday 29th March Dr Barr leads our Easter Service at Cramond Kirk, 9.30am

Friday 11th May Dr Barr leads our Christian Aid school assembly. 9am

Friday 22nd June Dr Barr is hosting our School Achievements award assembly at Cramond Kirk, 9.30am