Resilience building focus

Coming to Cramond August 22nd 2019

Our pupils can’t wait to get resilient ready with Hopscotch’s new show ‘SPRING-Y’! This adventurous tale will show how friendship and bouncing back from adversity can be supported in Scottish schools. ‘SPRING-Y’ will be an amazing way to support our schools resilience message. The children will even be able to play some bounce back games in the classroom with the Creative Resilience Toolkit in anticipation of Hopscotch’s visit!

SPRING-Y is a touching tale about friendship, bouncing back and bending with the wind! It follows the story of Ash & Holly who have been best friends for years but now Holly has to move away. How will the two cope without each other? Together they come up with a plan so that their friendship will last forever. Touring schools across Scotland 20 Aug to 27 Sept 2019. 

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