Sharing Learning in Cramond Nursery

Dear nursery families,

We want you to be part of what we do every day and every week here at Cramond. To ensure you have regular opportunities to do this we have parents meetings twice a year to talk about learning. We also have a transition report at the end of the pre school year before the children move on to Primary 1. The transition to P1 process is a robust one and another post is available for details of how we organise this at Cramond.

In addition to the more formal meetings above we have a ‘sharing learning’ session every term for every child. This is an opportunity for families to come into nursery for the last hour of the session on a pre planned day. We do this one group at a time to minimise disruption for the children and to limit numbers of adults, as this can be intimidating for some of our wee ones. If you cannot manage on the pre arranged day we are always happy to be flexible to allow parents the chance to join in.

We also encourage parents to be an integral part of the nursery, helping out with small jobs and coming in to share their knowledge or time as you wish to.

There are also opportunities in the summer term and at Christmas to come and see your children ‘perform’ in the nativity and end of session showcase of learning.

If you have any ideas of how we could involve you more in the life of the nursery, we are always open to new suggestions. PLease do get in touch.