Sharing Learning

Sharing the learning at Cramond Dates & Details:

We enjoy sharing learning with parents at Cramond in many different ways. These combine to be an essential part of our reporting process. We understand you may be unable or not wish to attend all – although you are very welcome to. There is no need to book ahead (other than parents night).

Reporting comprises a range of activities including, for instance, written reports, children presenting their learning to parents, parents’ consultation meetings and on-going oral discussions. Staff should ensure that learners are involved in reporting activities in order to promote learners’ ownership of their learning. These on-going reporting activities are closely linked to learners’ reflection and dialogue about progress.’ Building the Curriculum 5, Page 3

Sharing the Learning Friday 2nd September. Community café in main hall & join learning in classes Drop in for coffee and a chat in the hall before or after spending time in your child’s class. Parents, carers or grandparents are all welcome. You can see the children play at break if you wish. Join your child(ren) in class at the following times. Nursery will offer alternative opportunities.

  •   P1 9–9.30
  •   P2 9.30–10
  •   P3 & P4 10–10.30
  •   P5 11 – 11.30
  •   P6 & P7 11.30–12

Tuesday 6th September:  Meet the Teacher Evening – curriculum, organisation & year ahead in stage groups. Each half hour info session is run twice to allow you to go to children in different year groups. Gillian Waddell (DHT) and I will be serving refreshments in the foyer and are happy to answer any queries, hear your feedback and suggestions. This is an event for parents only where possible please.

  •  P1, P3, P5 & P7 teacher talks at 5pm and again at 6pm.

 P2, P4 & P6 teacher talks at 5.30pm and 6.30pm.

Friday 28th October – Grand opening for new hall – details tbc

Friday 16th December – 9-10.30am Enterprising Elves Christmas Craft sales in classroom – communal carol singing and festive food on sale. Parents, carers & families have the opportunity to buy their child’s Xmas craft and take part in fun festive activities. Exact timings tbc.

Friday 3rd February – Modern Languages – share the French and or German learning in class. Half hour drop in time slots as below. European café in new hall. Café open 9.30 – 12.15

  •   9am P6 & P7
  •   9.30 P5
  •   10am P3 & P4
  •   11am P2
  •   11.30 P1

Friday 19th May – sharing Outdoor Learning & Play. Times tbc
Tuesday 30th May Sports Day – am P5-P7 Cramond Interscholastics, pm P1-4 Potted sports.

Friday 23rd June – Sharing Learning Sports Awards & end of session Service venue tbc 9.15 – 10.15 Friday 30th June P7 parents/families are invited to P7 leaver’s assembly & leaver’s ceremony at Cramond Primary. 11am – 12 noon

Parents Night: an opportunity to discuss your child(ren)s learning individually with teacher

  •   Wednesday 12th or Thurs 13th October 4.30 – 7.30pm (book slot online –details to follow)

    And again

  •   Wednesday 29th or Thurs 30th March 4.30 – 7.30pm (book slot online –details to follow)
  •   A written summative report will be issued in June. Ongoing reporting will be shared.Church Services: an opportunity to share singing and whole school celebration
  • Harvest led by P3 on 23rd September 9.45am Cramond Kirk (donations for North West Foodbank)
  • Christmas led by P5 22nd December, 9.45am Cramond Kirk (collection for Royal Hospital Sick Kids)
  • Easter led by P6 31st March 9.45am Kirk (Easter egg donation for Fresh Start Homeless, thank you)Homelearning: We are constantly revising our policy on home learning. It is a highly contentious issue with staff, parents and pupils. Some would like more, others less and some none at all. We know how precious family time is. Homework should not monopolise or add undue stress on crucial time spent together as a family. The children work hard learning formally all day at school – at home they learn in a different way. Just as we learn in many different ways in school (be writing, doing, talking or making) we also do when learning outside school. We recognise and appreciate, the wide range of hobbies, activities and arrangements for childcare out with the school day which impact on time to do homework. To make management of homelearning tasks easier for staff and parents we have agreed that:
  1. Homework hand in/issue will allow choice and flexibility over whether it is done at the weekend.
  2. No homelearning in December or June. Life is busy enough. We do encourage pupils to keep reading, playing games, drawing and spending time trying something new.
  3. Core tasks are centred round literacy and maths. Pupils will have choice round other tasks on the homelearning wall. Blank bricks allow you to celebrate and share achievements outwith set tasks – Brownies, scouts, swimming, athletics, music etc.

The homelearning issue date for the homelearning walls will be the same P1-P7 (4 weeks):

  • Thursday 2nd September (complete by Tuesday 27th September)
  • Thursday 29th September (complete by Tuesday 1st November)
  • Thursday 3rd November (complete by Tuesday 29th November)
  • Thursday 19th January (complete by Tuesday 28th February)
  • Thursday 2nd March (complete by Tuesday 25th April)
  • Thursday 27th April (complete by Tuesday 23rd May)