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The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw

World of Work Highlights

Parent volunteers from many sectors to present to P5-7 pupils and offer workshop activities. More info will follow next week. Thanks to all those involved and Mrs McKay for organising.

21st April P6 have an RBS money workshop led by a parent and team of volunteers from RBS, Thank you.

Our recent Parent survey indicated that school communication could be improved. We are trying to reduce & streamline the Parentmails issued and so are piloting a new approach. My office team will, where possible, collate administrative information or requests within a weekly Admin Parentmail issued on a TUESDAY. I will issue a weekly summary on learning and teaching matters on a FRIDAY – Mrs Waddell will continue to do the same with her nursery news. We would be keen to get your feedback. I am sure you can appreciate the huge volume of info we have to share with parents which changes on a daily basis and includes demands from partner agencies, the council and others. We will do our best to streamline this.

Reflection on Learning Last week.

P7 Show – what an outstanding success! P5& P6 were able to see the full technical rehearsal at Clermiston Primary on Thursday, along with our invited audience of P6 & P7 Clermiston Pupils. We had a sell out performance on Thursday evening to over 200 guests, P1-4 saw the show in school. Sincere thanks to all those who made this possible – not least the talented P7s.

Our P4 Great Cramond Bake off culminated on Friday with a grand bake sale. Lots of parents and families joined us and raised well over £320 for St Columba’s Hospice. A rich learning experience was planned by our P4 staff – pupils had to work in teams to cost, create and cater for their chosen baking speciality! Many thanks to my dedicated PSAs and the many parent volunteers who helped with the practical baking sessions. Great work P4. Well done.

Our P1 STV Easter egg hunt was a great success despite the driving rain. The magic show was fantastic fun and the children enjoyed working in teams to solve clues and find the Easter egg characters hidden around the school!

NEXT WEEK- World of Work Week P5-7!!!

Craigroyston Nursery Pupils join us – using library & Playzone, we can’t wait to have new friends in our school!

Plan Ahead :

25th April : P1 & P7 dental checks

P4 Parents rescheduled evenings : 27 & 28th April

Class & sports photos 27th April

Superhero Costumes for 29th April (optional) dress up or non uniform morning – the big pedal!

School holiday 2nd May

Election date / INSET 5th May

CPSC Spring disco – Thurs 21st April – tickets on sale at the school office.

NB School science fair and P7 morning at RHS on Friday 22nd April have been cancelled.

P1 Playground – we are starting to prepare for the P1 courtyard being out of use as work will begin soon on our new gym hall. We will be starting a P1 & P2 separate breaktime at 10.45 – 11am in our main playground. Pupils will be fully supervised. We will then look at integrating pupils into main playground at lunchtimes too. We have been fortunate to have until now, a separate P1 play space. Many schools do not have this. The P1 pupils themselves are desperately keen to have more space to play. We will be planning carefully our supervision and as lunchtimes are already ‘staggered’ by year group, this makes it easier to manage numbers. More details about timescales for our new gym hall construction will be shared in due course. Planning permission is now granted and final pre–start meetings underway.

Payment – polite reminders.

Please remember to make payments in labelled envelopes to school office via class teacher (ie pupils hand in to class teacher NOT directly to office)

School camp – final few instalments for P7 this session please. Full payment by end May. Comrie Croft P6, Beamish P5 and other summer outings. Prompt payment is appreciated. Some have still to pay for science workshops – many thanks to those who have.

Staffing Updates: We bid a farewell to Mrs Nadia Kettles who has

been on secondment to the Council Digital Learning team. She has decided to stay with the DLT and will no longer return to teach at Cramond. We wish her well. Details of staffing for next session will be issued later in summer term.


Places at Cramond: School places are at a high demand in all

schools across Edinburgh. Priority is given to pupils living or moving into catchment. Proof of address is sought and verified before places are offered. We have waiting lists at most stages. Please let office staff know in a letter or email if you do not intend your child(ren) to return to Cramond after the summer. We expect a full compliment of around 60 pupils in P1 for next session. We are in the process of corresponding with those offered a P1 place. Any queries re school places see our website or for council information::

school places CEC

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