Staffing 2017/18

Teaching and administration staff with Class Arrangements for 2017/18

Headteacher: Mrs Helen Donaldson

Depute Head Teacher : Mrs Caroline Ashbrook

Business Manager : Mrs Lyndsy Adam (Mondays & Tuesdays)

School Administrator: Mrs  Taylor

Clerical assistant: Mrs  Fortune

Service Support Officer : Mr  Barclay

Nursery Team:

Head Teacher : Mrs Helen Donaldson leading in Early Years

Nursery teacher :  Mrs  Warrender

Early Years Officer : Miss Patrick

Early Years Practitioners :  Miss  Dann, Mrs Swanson, Mrs McFarlane, Ms Black, Mrs Bain (maternity leave)

7A       Mrs Arthur

7N      Miss Nicholl

6P      Mr Powell

6B     Miss Barr

5T      Miss Tait

5H      Mrs Hansen (Mrs Naeem on Mondays)

4S       Mr Short

4G     Mr Gay (Mrs McKay on Wednesdays)

3M   Mrs McSparron, Mon – Wed. Mrs McKay (principal teacher), Thurs & Friday

3K      Mrs Kottis

2T       Mrs Turner

2F        Mrs Forsyth, Mrs Naeem, (Wednesdays)

1C       Miss Cessford (principal teacher)  Mrs  Stewart (Tuesdays)

1B      Mr Bennett

1T      Miss  Tekatte

1M     Miss McIntosh

Support for Learning

  • Mrs  King, Mon – Thurs

Pupil Support Assistant team (PSA’s)

  • Mrs  Fortune –
  • Mrs Telfer –
  • Mrs Alderdyce-
  • Mrs Atkinson –
  • Mr  Gorringe
  • Ms Bray
  • Ms Quinn
  • Mrs Kilgour
  • Ms Calder
  • Mrs Peach
  • Miss Teitz
  • Miss Lister
  • Miss Richards

Reduction in class contact teachers

Health & Wellbeing, RME & ICT Mrs  Naeem

PE Mr Macbride (Tuesdays, Wednesdays)

Modern Languages Mrs  Cullen (Tuesday am)