Thank you to the volunteer gardeners at Cramond.

A huge thanks to the willing band of volunteers who worked tirelessly on Sunday 10th September to transform more of our extensive grounds. We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks.

Man-yi & Laurence N’gai (Laurence P4) – 

Livia, Oliver (P4) and Arthur (P1) Wright

Jessica, Jason (P4) and Rebecca (P6) Chan

Bill, Gwen, Stella (p4) and Daphne (nursery) Shaw

Tom Isenberg (4S, Rory’s, Dad. Rory and his mum were coming along too but Rory got stung by a bee just as they were leaving their house so he and mum didn’t make it. Brave mention to Rory!)

Kenny, Jilly & Alexander (P2) Fraser

Nigel Katie & Freddie (P4) Bruce

10 Adults

9 children

Then for the last half hour Finlay Caddy, Emma Ford and Stuart Tomlinson (all P6) joined in too.

Well done and thanks. The next gardening date is SUNDAY 17th September. We would love to have you join us.

Many thanks

Mrs Donaldson & whole community at Cramond