This way to Narnia!

The children have now finished what has been a very enjoyable topic, so it has been lovely reflecting on the learning that has taken place. The story of ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’ has given the children many different learning opportunities across a wide range of subjects. In Literacy it has seen them reviewing and comparing the book and the film, using hot seating and conscience alleys to develop a better understanding of the characters, using drama to act out different parts of the story and writing their own stories by stepping through an imaginary wardrobe into their own mythical worlds.

In Art they produced some fabulous displays that included the different characters from Narnia, they made their own miniature wardrobes, created their own Narnia maps and followed precise instructions in order to draw a centaur and Aslan.

In Maths they have answered a wide range of Narnia word problems on time and area. Giving the Maths a fictional context really made it appealing to the children. However,  I think the children (and our) favourite part of the topic was our movie afternoon, because not only did we get to eat Turkish delight like Edmund, but we also got to dress up as our favourite characters. The feed back on the topic from the children has been very positive and as you can see from the photos below the quality of the work the children produced was fabulous. We are both very proud of them. Well done P4’s! Mr Short and Ms Nichol img_4162 img_4164 img_4166 img_4167 img_4172 img_4174img_4253 img_4255 img_4261 img_4262 img_4265 img_4266 img_4268 img_4269img_4280 img_4285 img_4295 img_4310 img_4311 img_4312 img_4313 img_4314 img_4315 img_4316 img_4317 img_4318 img_4319 img_4320 img_4321 img_4322