Waddell Weekly Term 1 week 8

Hello All,

Parent’s appointments are next week. We are really sorry that this time around you were not able to book your nursery appointment at the same time as their older siblings. This was a technical glitch and you will certainly be able to do so next time around.

Hopefully our decision to make nursery parents appointments on the same date as the rest of the school is helpful. For our next set of parent appointments the timings will be the same as the rest of the school also.

This decision was made following feedback from our parents at our meeting with the Nursery Reps. If you have anything you’d like to coment on about how we organise  appointments please let me know, it’s usually easiest to send a quick e-mail. Thank you if you have already done so.  If you are having difficulty with being able to come in to school to talk about your child’s learning we can always find a way to make this happen, just let us know what you need.

Recycling has gone mad in the playroom this week, or should I say in the whole of the school as our busy little recyclers are exploring around the rooms of the school and relieving us of anything and everything that can be reused. Sadly, the recycling bins were a little too high up for our nursery children to be able to use easily. Happily, we are great communicators and knew exactly what we needed to do to solve the problem. Green group children made some drawings of what they thought could solve the problem (a set of steps) and presented it to Jim, the site manager of our new gym hall build. Once they had asked nicely for a little help he was quick to organise the solution. Our new steps are now in operation and have been well used already. Jim’s office is also redecorated with lots of beautiful drawings and a fab thank you card.

The children are really loving the story of Michael Recycle who has made an excellent super recycler costume from recycled materials. I have been roped in to helpinng extend this play by coming up with my own costume to make a surprise visit to the children. I feel sure that my outfit will be so amazing that there is no way they will guess that ‘Rachael Recylcle’ is really Mrs Waddell. I have Mr Short’s P4 class helping with ideas as we speak! (And no, there won’t be a camera around that day!) We would love to see pictures/videos on the learning journals to show the children sharing this learning at home. They are really easy to share if you want to.

The ‘Garden Fairies’ (see seperate post for more information) have been busy over the weekend as well, and more is planned already for this weekend. We honestly cannot thank you enough. We feel blessed to have such fabulous parents taking part in the life of the nursery and helping extend our nursery community. Lets see what the garden looks like on Monday? It’s nearly time to attend to the willow again, and I’m sure there will be lots of opportunities to help with this if anyone is interested.

The weather is set to be sunny, so I hope everyone enjoys a fabulous weekend.

Mrs Waddell.