Waddell Weekly Term 2 Week 1

It’s been a short week back but a very exciting one for nursery this week. While the boys and girls were off having their October break the workmen were busy finishing the new hall. It looks great and the children enjoyed a little look around this week. The nursery boys and girls also had a little surprise form the joiners. On Wednesday Mrs Warrender and Mrs Waddell were in nursery getting things ready or the children coming back and making cups of tea for the joiners who very kindly have built us a pagoda over our staged area. (They also obliged us with lots of little jobs that we kept finding for them to do.) To say we are delighted is an understatement. Now the children can enjoy the garden in poorer weather conditions. We have planned (alongside the Garden Fairies) to make further improvements thoroughout the year so that the children can really get the most from the outdoor space we have.

Miss Dann has been working with the children on making a water wall. You may have noticed we moved the water butt up to the top part of the garden. We are lucky enough to have Sandra Brown, a Community Champion, working with us to make the most of the top part of the garden and the raised beds. The water butt will be better used up there and ensure the children don’t accidentally use stale collected rainwater in their play.

Mrs Carcas and Mrs Bain have been working on the music wall and the children are exploring their creative sides along the back fence in the small area beside the P3 step. This allows them some space to play without being bumped. We hope P3 are enjoying the sound of learning through play!

In the playroom itself it is all about Autumn this week! You will see displays changing as the children produce beautiful creations with leaves and stamping and stencils and all sorts. Dressing up is proving popular this week too. I wonder why? Please remember that the children are welcome to come to nursery in their dressing up outfits, however some of our little folk are really frightened by masks. We would ask you to avoid them please.

If you have any ideas you would like to share or would like to be involved in the life of the nursery, get in touch.

Gillian Waddell.