Waddell Weekly Term 2 Week 3

Our entrance to the nursery has had a little face lift to make more space for our ‘Bedtime Stories’ and we would urge you to please share the books with your children. There is a folder there for you to add a stamp or a sticker to your child’s page when you borrow a book if you would like to. We are happy for you to use the books in any way that you lease. We are always glad to see the children showing an interest in literacy and encourage it in any way we can.

We also hope that a regular change to the way things look will keep your interest and encourage you to notice the ever changing information on the notice board. We have also added information to the outside of the nursery door in the smaller notice board. You will have seen that this changes very regularly, partly due to the temperature having a negative affect on the contents of the frame (the paper curls quite quickly despite our efforts to keep it looking neat). You will see a picture of the nursery reps in here with contact details too so that even if you are not sure of people’s names yet you can approach them more easily. You will also see there is a nursery parents Facebook page (which nursery staff do not access, it’s just for you) where you can make connections with other parents too.

As always, if you have anything to share with us or ask about, please get in touch, either yourself, or through your reps.