Waddell Weekly Term 2 Week 4

You may have noticed the top part of the nursery garden has been fenced off this week. That’s because we have lovely parents and friends working to make it fantastic for us. Please be aware that it has been fenced off for safety reasons. We don’t want anyone getting hurt and encourage you to supervise your little ones to make sure they don’t enter the fenced off areas. We know ytou do this anyway, and thank you!

We want to thank you for all the feedback received regarding the ‘drop off and pick up routine’. It is really important to us that we are providing a quality service to your chioldren and that you are happy with this too. That’s why we ask you for your opinions. We have been delighted to get so many responses and the general consensus is that we should not be making any changes. If you are one of the few people who needed a slight change then please do approach your key worker or Mrs Warrender and we will accomadate if we possibly can.


Nativity is coming…

and with it Christmas parties, practising party games and all the fun that comes along with a total change to the normal routine and expectations. Fear not! We have eperienced this before and will do our best to ensure that we disrupt the daily routine as little as possible and introduce games etc as part of nursery activities and gym times. We know change causes upset for lots of people and we support this appropriately. If you have any suggestions or concerns let us know.