Welcome Back Info

Good afternoon parents and carers,

We are looking forward to welcoming your children back to (or starting) Cramond on Wednesday.

Please find attached an interim information update which I hope will answer most of your queries. School staff are not officially back in school until Monday and as you will appreciate there is a great deal of Government guidance adaptations to process. This will take time but is heading in a good direction.

The summary attached should help guide you. We are still operating under restrictions particularly, in regards to not having large gatherings such as assemblies or parents in school. New starts in P1 and he 17 new families joining us are not able to enter the school unfortunately. Photos are farewells will need to happen in the grounds. There is not a restriction to only one parent however – simply distance from other households.

Our school app and website should be your first contact for queries. CPSC Parent council communicate regularly with us and help gather parental queries etc to share with us. We really appreciate this positive partnership. Dates of holidays, parents nights etc are on both the app and the school website. We have made the school app accessible to all to download on Android or IOS devices. This will then revert to invitation only to download in a few weeks – please download to stay informed.

Kind Regards
Mrs Helen Donaldson Headteacher