Learning Journals


At Cramond we use Learning Journals to report on progress and achievement of our learners from nursery to P7. This digital portfolio allows parents, staff and pupils to interact and build up evidence of attainment and engagement over time.

Staff collaborate and create observations which highlight key learning, share next steps whilst allowing for meaningful and relevant feedback to parents. Learning observations and class stories are a window into our classrooms and a vital communication between home and school. Families are also able to share learning from home to allow us to build on relationships and to learn more about our pupils wider achievement.

During school closures in March, learning journals were a vital part of our learn anywhere strategy which we built on. In these early days of learning at home, we were able to use learning journals to immediately communicate with families and set learning tasks at home. The journals were used by parents to upload tasks and staff to give feedback.

This session, we have been able to offer our P5-7 learners their own logins to learning journals in order that they have ownership of their own learning portfolios. These can be downloaded as PDF at any time.

Learning Journals are a key component of our digital reporting process at Cramond.