School Lunches

term menu order Apr 2017

school_lunch_titleLunchtime at Cramond is at

  • 12:00 to 12:45 for P5-7.
  • 12.15 to 1.15 for P1 & P2.
  • 12.30 – 1.15pm for P3 & P4.

information on lunches :

Meals must be ordered in advance on a Thursday on a weekly basis, or for a five week block. Primary school meals cost £1.95

Children must hand the form and payment (if applicable) to their class teacher first thing.

If your child is absent on the Thursday please advise the school of your child’s pre order choices by telephone before 10am.  Any children in P4 – P7 who are in receipt of Free School Meals should also complete the form and send into school on a Thursday.

IMG_1018Packed Lunches: Some children choose to bring a packed lunch. Please name your child’s lunch box. Packed lunches are eaten in the school hall or in the tabled area of the upper corridor. Our lunchtime supervisors help the children when required and encourage them to take any uneaten food home Home lunches : If you wish your child to go home for lunch please inform your child’s class teacher

Please let us know if your child has any special dietary needs.

term menu order Apr 2017

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