Travel to school- Park Smart

We actively encourage pupils to walk and cycle to school whenever possible. Racks are available for bikes and scooters but it must be noted that the school cannot be held responsible for items left at the racks. For safety of others, pupils are asked to dismount from scooters and bikes at the school gate. We participate in WOW (living streets WOW info) Walk once a week! Cramond pupils love earning and wearing badges, for increased activity levels.IMG_0079

For those pupils being driven to school, parents are asked to read the school Park Smart campaign. To ensure all pupils can travel to school safely and avoid congestion around the school, parents are not permitted to drop off or collect children from the car park.

Please contact the office should you or your child have mobility issues.

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Cramond is participating in Edinburgh Council school streets pilot where vehicle access  to certain roads is prohibited at key times. See road safety in Edinburgh & School Streets street-sign

Cramond Primary School

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Fair-a-Far Shot,

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Gamekeepers Loan

Proposed 20mph Consultation by Edinburgh Council – have your say HERE