Medical Needs at School

At Cramond the health care needs of all pupils are met. If a child is taken ill or has an accident during the school day, prompt contact is made with the family. In the event of serious accident, emergency services are contacted first. If a parent cannot be contacted, nominated emergency contact numbers are used. These emergency contacts are given as part of school enrolment process.

Please keep the school informed of any medical needs as circumstances change.

Please also note these on the annual return KIC forms.

A health care plan designed by the school and medical staff, supports children as required eg diabetes, epilepsy, severe allergies. Contact is

If your child requires a course of medication during the school day, a parental consent form must be completed. A designated member of staff will ensure that pupils receive medication. Please contact the school office.

School Doctor & School Nurses are involved with health promotion and education, prevention of ill health, immunisation, health surveillance and screening. The School Doctor is made aware of any possible problems and parents/carers and the family doctor are informed if any further action is considered necessary. The School Nurse acts as an important link between home and school. She/he visits the school and liaises with the teachers to find out whether any pupil has a health need that requires to be addressed. The School Nurse can link with other members of the health team, in the community or in hospital, concerned with a child’s health.

The School Nurse reviews the notes of all children in Primary 1, 4, 7 as well as those of all new entrants.  Parents/carers are also asked to complete a health questionnaire about their child at Primary 1, 7 and Senior 3 and asked if they would like their child to have a medical consultation with the School Doctor.

The School Doctor may ask for your consent to examine your child if his/her medical records are incomplete or if the doctor particularly wishes to check on his/her progress. You will be invited to be present at any medical examination and kept informed if the School Doctor thinks that the child should be seen by your GP, or a specialist in paediatrics. You can, if you wish, arrange for your family doctor to undertake the examinations instead of the School Doctor, but you may be charged a fee for this.

The School Doctor or Nurse will be pleased to see you and your child at a mutually convenient time if you are concerned about his/her health or general progress at school.

With your consent, the School Health Service Staff also carry out immunisations to protect against various diseases.