Cramond Commemorates

In a new community initiative, school-children from Cramond Primary and Cargilfield helped to plant a tree of remembrance, as a living memorial to all that’s been lost in this area through Covid-19 during the past months.

Cramond Commemorates logo

Over the next year, local organisations will plant more trees and bulbs as focal points for remembrance.  This “Cramond Commemorates” initiative was inspired by a suggestion in the recent Imagine Cramond exhibition.

The first tree – planted in November 2021, Cramond Kirk Halls

The first tree – a Sessile oak – was planted outside Cramond Kirk Halls in November.  As the project rolls out, it’s hoped to involve families, individuals, schools, church and community groups in providing trees and bulbs for public spaces and gardens in the area.
“COVID-19 has inflicted pain and loss on many through illness and death.  And social isolation and restrictions have taken their toll on people of all ages,” said Stuart Richardson, chair of the Cramond Commemorates project.

Stuart Richardson readies the site

“It’s important to have somewhere to go, where people can reflect, remember, grieve, or celebrate a loved one’s life.  Hopefully they will find solace in the act of planting beautiful living memorials in Cramond, Barnton and Cammo.”

To find out more, including how you might contribute a tree or bulbs to “Cramond Commemorates”, email or donate by clicking here 

The first planting

The front cover…

Poetry inspired by Cramond

David’s poetry pamphlet set in Cramond, the proceeds of which are going to Cramond Commemorates, for the planting of trees and bulbs to remember who and what we have lost to Covid.

Copies are now in stock at Envelope and Bacon (Barnton P.O.) where Ellie is kindly taking no commission. Copies are also on sale online here,

David is kindly offering poetry workshops with Cramond pupils and local poetry events. More info to follow. #CramondCommemorates.