Severe Weather & School Security

Security: The safety and security of pupils and staff when attending or working in a school is very important. A visitors’ book, badges and escorts are used, while visitors are within the school building. Anyone calling at a school for any reason will be asked to report to the school office. School staff then can make necessary arrangements for the visit. Parents must not go directly to any class or nursery without reporting first to the school office. Appointments to meet with staff can be made at the school office.

Severe Weather : extreme weather conditions may necessitate pupils being allowed into school during breaks and at lunchtime. However, as supervision during these periods is limited, it is especially important that pupils exercise good behaviour. Please ensure that your child comes to school with appropriate footwear and coats – children will be expected to go out even if it is raining or snowing. Gloves and hats should be named. Wellies are welcome and pupils can change shoes as they wish.

School Closures : In the event of an emergency, such as a power cut or severe weather, that prevents schools from opening in the morning or results in an early closure, a range of communications channels are used. Cramond primarily makes use of parentmail and alerts on the school website. Please ensure all contact details are kept updated with school office staff.

In addition, announcements will be made on Radio Forth (Forth 1 and Forth 2) and via the Council’s corporate Twitter account and Facebook page many schools are affected, or the situation is likely to be prolonged, then the Council’s website will also be used.