Places at Cramond

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Registration and Enrolment

The date for registration of new school entrants is advertised on the council’s website Registration for Primary One and First Year Secondary takes place in November each year. Pupils should be registered in the school for their catchment area. Parents of pupils who have moved into a catchment area or, who wish their child to transfer to the school, should contact the school office for information.

Primary to Secondary Transfer Visits to our local secondary school are organised before the summer holidays and children from other catchment schools who will be attending the same secondary school will have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other and their teachers. While the children are participating in classroom activities and meeting their class teacher, parents will have an opportunity to view the school and are given a brief explanation of school life.

If you wish your child to attend a secondary school other than the catchment denominational or non-denominational secondary school for your home address, you will be required to make a Placing Request . See EGFL School Places Information link

All parents have the right to make a request for a place for their child in another school.

You do not need to submit a Placing Request if you want your child to transfer from a non-denominational secondary school or vice-versa at the primary to secondary transfer stage, as long as the intended secondary school is still the catchment school for your home address.

The catchment Secondary School for Cramond is the Royal High School.

Please note a place at Cramond Primary does not automatically guarantee a place in S1 Royal High, similarly for Cramond Nursery and P1 places.

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