Microsoft TEAMS & 365

At Cramond we use Microsoft Teams to share plans for learning and teaching. Wherever our pupils are based, we ensure that learning can happen anywhere. During remote learning; plans, activities and resources are clearly organised so both parents and learners are able to ensure learning continues.

Teams enable us to have Check-ins with classes and individuals to ensure there is face-to-face interaction between our staff and families.

Teams also allows us to make use of fantastic resources such as assignments, challenges, forms, and ClickView.

you can also use a kindle to access teams: instructions here.

All pupils have a personal Microsoft account which affords them unlimited access to the full suite of microsoft office tools. We are making use of these to develop pupil skills in using these both at home and in school.

All Cramond pupils in P1-P7 have their own pupil 365 account and full access to the suite of Microsoft apps.