Pupil Support Officer

At Cramond we are delighted to have our PSO Mrs Ali Calder to work directly with identified pupils of all ages and families.

Cramond PSO Role & Responsibilities:

The Pupil Support Officer role at Cramond is based upon the foundations of promoting health and wellbeing.

This is achieved by through assessment, collaboration, and using identified key supports and strategies to ensure all children are included and understood.

Our PSO, Mrs Calder , has a close working relationship with our DHT, Anna Balatoni, who oversees GIRFEC at Cramond. Together they have an emphasis on making positive links with parents to ensure good working relationships, as well as promoting our nurture and restorative approaches which are embedded in our everyday practice at Cramond.
By sharing awareness and developing understanding of what behaviour is and why it occurs, we as a whole school team are more able to build positive relationships, support co-regulation and encourage self-regulation, to help children thrive emotionally, socially and of course, academically. Below is an overview of how the PSO role, in partnership with the wider school team, helps to achieve this at Cramond: