Fundraising & Events

At Cramond our Parent Council work with school staff and parent volunteers to organise lots of fun events for pupils and families.

Many of these events help us raise money. Over the years the parent council have helped improve the school in so many ways from really big projects from funding smart boards or the Our PLACE playground transformation to paying for a school zoo membership!

More important than fund raising, together the school and CPSC aim to offer activities which we can enjoy as a whole school community and further develop our Cramond community spirit. We really appreciate all the offers of help and the participation of so many families.

Our next fundraising focus is on CREATIVITY AT CRAMOND. Creativity in terms of how we think, explore possibilities and collaborate together to come up with new ideas, develop skills and communicate. See weblink here: and…. 55bb4db4153f4-creative-learning-plan

What is creativity?

We want to work with the school to offer more creative learning opportunities for all pupils, to fund and help develop creative learning spaces in the school grounds including:

Wildlife gardens …creative outdoor learning classroom in courtyard round the new sports hall and to help the school develop (and resource) a new digital technology strategy. Using IT helps all learners be more creative – collaborate and communicate.

This fundraising focus starts now! Check here to see what we have helped the school provide and share any ideas, skills or time you may have. Cramond is a creative community!!creativity_technology